The aim of the assessment is about help both the Client and the therapist to make an informed decision about entering into a therapeutic work together. it is purely conversational and doesn’t involve any tests or forms. Im interested in your story in the way that you would like to tell it at the same time i will make some checks to see if my methods of work are helpful for you.

  • We will meet for 50 min
  • We will discuss your problems and what you would like to resolve in your sessions.
  • There will be a conversation about costs and time commitment.
  • We will discuss and work out a plan for you to achieve the results you would like to achieve.
  • By the end of an assessment, we can agree a focus of the work and can agree the next part of the work.
  • We will both have questions of each other – I need to know about you and you will need to know about me and the way I work. This is a mutual assessment of each other.

Apart from noting down your story, I also will be learning and conducting a compote therapeutic assessment:

  •     What is(are) your current problem(s)?
  •     Have you had Therapy, couching, etc.. before?
  •     Your occupation, relationship status, children, medical health.
  •     Why have you chosen this work now?
  •     What do you hope to gain from the work… and what your goals/achievements might be for when  our work is completed.
  •     Some historical information
  •     A conversation about your family.
  •     A conversation about your work  and education.
  •     A conversation about your support networks.
  •     A discussion about if we both think if this work might be helpful for you, or maybe to refer you to another therapy.


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