This a guided therapy that will take you through a journey into past life experiences in gentle, lovingly and conscious way.

The crystals layout is a powerful grid that opens up an energy field connecting you with the cells of your earth and etheric body. It allows you to access, your genetic DNA memory and the akashic records which is the full memory of your soul. It also enhances your physic skills and abilities enabling you to see, feel and/or know.

This session is an empowering past life experience therapy as you will be guided into a meditative state but you will be conscious through all the journey and the practitioner will be holding a safe space for you guiding you through the journey without drama, pain or suffering.


The Benefits


It will help you to:

  • To identify and resolve past life experiences that may be affecting you in this life time.
  • To overcome drama, fears and patterns that you are experiencing now that may be connected to a past experience of your soul or ancestors.
  • To expand your consciousness of who you are.
  • To remember gifts, powers and knowledges from past experiences and acknowledge them on the “now”
  • Overall this therapy will bring you emotional resolution, self-confidence, acceptance and the attitude of moving forward


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“Embrace your True Human Potential”